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Wolfshead Bowmen Events Group is a medieval archery group, maintaining and preserving the skills of the medieval English longbowmen and medieval life in general. Entertaining talks and demonstrations can be tailored to your requirements, as can the main event of our day, the Grand Archery Muster. This fully commentated show puts our archers through the tests and disciplines required to join the Kingsā€™s Army. As well as the longbows we also demonstrate the power of various other weapons such as the crossbow and the Ballista siege crossbow. Demonstrations of broadsword, war hammer or quarterstaff are optional. At the end of the show as well as during the day the public are invited to try their hand at archery with our one-to-one instruction.

Our main show, our crafts accompanied by in-depth talks on a variety of Medieval subjects, make Wolfshead Bowmen the ideal choice for your venue.

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