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At an event

All members will be in kit during opening hours. In the morning the camp cooks will prepare our midday meal, following medieval recipes. All questions about food, table manners or fasting days will be answered. We may offer talks on dressing the lady, an archer on tour, the noble knight, personal hygiene, herbs and spices, healthcare, depending on the interest in these subjects.
In our encampment the women will work on their needlework, spinning or weaving, We may demonstrate different options on how to make cords and we may offer the public to have a go at finger weaving. The men may practice their swordfight techniques or demonstrate the quarterstaff. You may find the woodworker, the fletcher or blacksmith with his forge inside the encampment to demonstrate their skills, while the children are playing games or dip candles or learn the skills and crafts from the adults.

In our main arena we will offer have-a-go archery. After our midday meal we will provide our main show of the day, the Grand Archery Muster. This fully commentated show puts our archers through the tests and various disciplines of shooting. We will demonstrate for example shooting under command and a speed shoot. Next to the longbows we will demonstrate the power of various other weapons such as the crossbow and our Ballista siege crossbow. We will explain why we have women and children on the line as well. During this show the public will learn why the English longbow was such a fierce weapon in the Hundred Year's War.

After the show there will be another opportunity for have-a-go archery. In the encampment members will return to their crafts and will be happy to interact with the public and answer any questions. The members of the Events Group will be around to bring medieval educational entertainment as long as there are visitors at the venue.

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