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Find us at Micheham Priory near Hailsham, East Sussex, most Sundays from 12.00 noon.
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Medieval life

Medieval life, wearing a medieval costume, living in a medieval encampment, cooking on an open fire, enjoying a medieval meal, learning archery using the traditional longbow are all part of being a member of Wolfshead Bowmen.

Wolfshead Bowmen run an archery club at Michelham Priory, near Eastbourne. The group is based in East Sussex, but our members live all over the UK and even abroad. We meet at events all over the country.  
Wolfshead Bowmen Archery Club is committed to the promotion of the English Longbow the backbone of the English armies during the late medieval period and aim to show the power and effect of the longbow in battles of the day, such as Crezy, Poitiers and Azincourt.

Learn archery

The Wolfshead Bowmen archery club is based at the 13th century site of Micheham Priory near Hailsham in East Sussex, where we shoot the longbow on Sundays starting at 12.00 noon. Anyone interested in historical representation of medieval archery is welcome to join. This is an informal group, and if you have never shot before, archery tuition using club equipment can be arranged. For further information contact our Secretary.
If you want to join in on all the fun of demonstrating medieval life, showing skills, crafts and talk to the public on medieval history then please consider becoming a member of Wolfshead Bowmen Events Group.

Medieval life

The Wolfshead Bowmen Events Group comprises of authentically costumed archers (men, women and children). Although we pride ourselves on the authenticity and high standards of our costumes, weapons and accessories, the accent is firmly on historically correct entertainment, and we cover not one but several periods within the time span 1200 - 1485.

Our aims are to recreate aspects of medieval life, including an example of encampment, with tents and a controlled off the ground cooking fire, the preparation of food to authentic medieval recipes, period music, combat using various weapons. An integral part of our work is an archery display, spiced up with lively expert commentary throughout. Talks and or demonstrations on bow making, fletching, weaving, smithery, and weapons can further compliment our performances.

Full membership of the Wolfshead Bowmen Events Group is by invitation only, after attending a minimum of three events as a guest member. Families are welcome and for those who do not shoot, an instruction course  can be arranged at Michelham Priory or at our events. An adult must accompany children under 18.
Our members bring special knowledge, arts and crafts to our events. Our knowledge of the Middle Ages is not only based on books and documentation. We like to discuss various aspects of medieval life around the campfire and on our members Facebook page and sometimes we just find out by trial and error.

We are happy to share our knowledge with you, teach you basic skills and help you find a topic that could be your special subject. Our members have access to our members pack that contains information on medieval costume, medieval cooking, medieval archery, and more. So even if you don’t know much about medieval life, we are happy to help you to find all the information you need, so you can take part in our demonstrations and help us to create an informative and fun day out for all ages. If you are interested in Medieval history and are interested in joining the Events Group, please contact our Secretary for further details or come and see us at one of our events.
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